21 Mar 2017

A Stitching Time!

Over the last week or two I’ve been stitching away at the little pile of free magazine cross stitch kits that were sent to me from a member of Helping Hands. 
I’ve done the stitching and now they are now back in the post and on their way to two other ladies in the group, who are going to include them on the fiddle muffs and quilts that they make for dementia  patients.

The two Christmas squares at the end will heading to another of the ladies, when I've stitched a few more Christmas themed ones.

Happy stitching!


13 Mar 2017

Nuts About Squares!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am……….

I’m about to take part in my very first CAL (that’s a crochet-a-long for those not in the know)

The CAL is being hosted by the Facebook group  Official CCC Social Group,   a collection of very talented ladies who create the most wonderful and inspiring works of art with wool.

They have set up three beautiful kits for the CAL, Nut about the Sea, the Sky and the Earth, using different yarns and colour pallets but many, like myself have decided to go with their own selection.

Mine will be  ‘Nuts about Lavender Fields’ and the yarn I’ve opted for  is  Scheepjes, Stone Washed in the following colours.

A   -   Deep Amethyst  (811)
B  -  Lilac Quartz  (818)
C  -  Blue Apatite  (805)
D  -  Amazonite (813)
E  - Crystal Quartz (814)
F  -  Canada Jade (806)
Over fifteen weeks, starting on 31st March, I, along with many other avid crocheters will be embarking on producing 35 beautifully designed squares in the first twelve weeks.  The final three weeks should see us joining all the squares and doing the edging and at the end of it all we will (hopefully) end up with a beautiful throw.
So, the wool is all ordered except for the Blue Apatite, which is out of stock everywhere I’ve looked on line, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that either The Wool Warehouse or Deramores  will have it back in stock before the CAL begins or I’m going to be playing catch-up.
Happy Crocheting!

12 Mar 2017

Best News of the Year!

Having undergone treatment for breast cancer, including a mastectomy, and unrelated treatment for a badly fractured ankle and leg problems with wounds not healing on her legs, my wonderful friend Tracey has just been told that she is in remission.

I’m so thrilled for her because she been through two and half years of hell and lost her job to-boot, but she’s stayed positive throughout, so well done hun for being so strong…’re a star!

Now, Tracey was the reason I started making these heart cushions back in August 2015 and this is the latest batch, finished on the 3rd March, which I will deliver to her so she can take them into the Breast Cancer Unit at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford the next time she goes.


Happy Sewing!



The Hooks Are Out Again!

I hadn’t realised it had been so long since I’ve had my crochet hooks out…was it really that possible?
The perfect opportunity to use them again came when a call out for help came from the Helping Hands Group.   

A group of ladies were getting together to make a Peacock Blanket for a disabled friends birthday.
The cover is done in two parts, a plain coloured blanket that has crocheted peacock feathers stitched over the top, but the ladies hadn’t been crocheting very long, having only just learned and felt that the actual blanket might be a bit too much for them to tackle alone.
And so the call went out towards the end of last year, for someone who wouldn’t mind making the blanket for them and they would make the feathers themselves.
I agreed to do it as long as there was a long time span.
Their deadline wasn’t until the middle of next year (2018) which was great but as it happened I was ill for most of January and February, giving me loads of time to crochet and my part of the project was finished at the start of February.
The original pattern should have been done in Aran but the ladies decided that it would be very heavy with all the feathers added, so we went with Double Knit and I had to estimate the amount of wool I would need for a single bed cover.
I actually ended up with a ball and a half over, so made a cushion to match.
Happy Crocheting!

'Helping Hands' are still busy!

I’m loving my new sewing machine and especially the quilting foot, so much so that during February I’ve  made two small incubator quilts for one of the projects on the  Helping Hands Facebook Group.   

They are 18 x 22 inches an will be heading to the NICU’s of Chesterfield and Mansfield hospitals.

I also finished off a lap quilt that I started a short while back.
This was my first Disappearing Nine Patch, which measured 22 x 22 inches and is also heading ‘Up North’ to one of the hospitals mentioned, along with the other little lap quilt I made a few weeks back.
Happy Stitching

22 Feb 2017

Catherine's Quilts

Do you remember the six ‘Busy Bee’ squares that I cross Stitched back in August last year?
Well I sent them to a lady, Pat Franklin from the Helping Hands Facebook Group    and she made them into this beautiful quilt.

Thank you Pat  for making my work look so wonderful

It’s going to a charity called Catherine’s Quilts, who donate lap quilts to people who are undergoing treatment for cancer…..such a worthy cause!!

Happy Stitching



19 Feb 2017

Long Awaited Update!

So, it’s time for an update, as I’ve rather neglected my blog again of late.

First off……….a Happy New Year to everyone………all-be-it very late, Lol!

 I started off the year with a little knitting.

A friend asked me if I would make some little hooded jackets for her niece, who’s little one wasn’t quite a year old.

I did three in all, the first I forgot to take a photo of.  It was knitted it Denim Blue double knit.  It was double breasted with a woven looking pattern up the front and around the hood.

The next two were a different pattern and made in double knit.

I used the same pattern for the Beige one but decided to make it look more Aran looking by working it in a cable pattern. 

Happy Knitting & Stitching