6 Sep 2017

Kalevala Cal - Maailman Synty - Birth of the World

Here we are at the 3rd square of the Finnish, Kavevala
 crochet-a-long, and the square, called Maailman  Synty or Birth of the World, which was designed by Soile Olmari.

The mythology continues   :-

Bluebill has laid her eggs, it's time to incubate them and tell about the birth of the world.

Sits upon her eggs to hatch them,
Quickly warms them on the knee-cap
Of the hapless water-mother;
Hatches one day, then a second,
Then a third day sits and hatches.

I’m still continuing to crochet with variegated yarn and am fairly happy with the way my squares are turning out.

Happy Crocheting!



Kalevala - Sotkan Pesä ( Bluebill’s Nest)

The second square in the Kalevala Cal is designed by Taina Tauschi  and is called Sotkan Pesä.  ( Bluebill’s Nest)

The Kalevala saga  tells how Bluebill, a graceful bird, made her nest on the knee of the maiden Ilmatar, and laid six golden eggs and one iron egg in her nest. Bluebill´s hatched eggs burned the maiden´s feet and when Ilmatar moved her knee, the eggs fell from the nest, broke into pieces and got flung into the sky. These splinters of eggshells made the World:  Sky and Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

Thence she flies and hovers slowly,
Lightly on the knee she settles,
Finds a nesting-place befitting,
Where to lay her eggs in safety.
Here she builds her humble dwelling,
Lays her eggs within, at pleasure,
Six, the golden eggs she lays there,
Then a seventh, an egg of iron.
(Poem I, 207 - 212)
The full verse can be found Here

The instructions for this square and all the others in the Cal can be found on Sari’s Blog
Happy Crocheting!


5 Sep 2017

And the Melodies begin all over again!

I really enjoyed joining in with the  Stardust Melodies Cal
and making the throw, so much so that I’ve decide to make another one.
As mentioned previously, this one is going to be made in shades for Grey and White, so it’s back to the start and the first melody,  Begin the Beguine’ .
 Closely followed by ‘Fools Rush In’
And then ‘Don’t Fence Me In’.
22 squares to go
Happy Crafting!
Whatever your passion may be

3 Sep 2017

Kalevala – The Finnish National Epic.

I can't say I'd ever heard of ‘Kalevala’ until a group of ladies from the crochet community got together and decided to start a Crochet-a Long (Cal) to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence from Russia.

Regarded as a national epic, 'Kalevala' is a collection of 19th century poetry, compiled by Elias Lönnro from Finnish and Karelian folklore and mythology.

The Cal creates a beautiful throw (I’ve decided to make two at the same time) and each square is designed around a different part of the epic tail

My squares are crocheted using variegated, King Cole Superball 200 DK, in Butterscotch (Shade 3099) for the first throw,  Humbug (Shade 1676) for the other and I used a 4.00 hook.

 In primeval times, a maiden,
Beauteous Daughter of the Ether,
Passed for ages her existence
In the great expanse of heaven,

O'er the prairies yet enfolded.

You can find the full verse here

The first square is called Ilmatar (a virgin spirit of the air)

Ilmatar is the maiden in the Kalevala poem, a maiden from heaven who has created the world. She was tired of being in the sky, descended to the sea and became pregnant by the wind.
The designer of the square,  Sari Åström, says this crocheted square respects the divine femininity of Ilmatar and her blooming, as well as the air of heaven and wind.


Next Step…….blocking!

If you would like to join in with the Cal, you can find everything you need to know Here

Happy Crocheting!




2 Sep 2017

Stardust Melodies – Crochet – a- Long

We started with ‘Begin the Beguine’ and ended with ‘I Wish You Love’, with a sprinkling of Stormy Weather and Pennies from Heaven in-between and that can only mean one thing………...

My Stardust Melodies Throw is now complete!


I loved every minute working on this, so much so that there’ll be no rest for my crochet hook …….I have the yarn and am about to start another in shades of Grey!

Happy Crafting!

Whatever your passion may be



30 Aug 2017

A Coming Together of Two Crafts

I’m still very much a novice when it comes to quilting, but when I saw this little quilt, I knew I had to give it a go. 
The  ‘High Tea’ Fusion Quilt, which is designed by Tiffany Behmer,  is a coming together of  pretty quilted squares that are joined together with crochet.

The first step was cut 72 fabric squares and 36 squares of batting, sew them together, turn the right way out and finish off with a row of machine stitching ¼” all the way around each one.
 Next  blanket stitch evenly around the outside of each one.
 Once that is done, it’s just a case of crocheting around them all and stitching the squares together and finishing with a border around the outside.


The pattern for this quilt can found for free over on  Ravelry.
Happy Crafting!
Whatever your passion may be



29 Aug 2017

Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn – Winter Blanket - Dandelion Mandala

August Catch-Up……. Part  4

The pattern for this blanket has been around since 2015 and I’ve had my eyes on it for some time, but this month, I finally got around to purchasing the yarn and pattern and made a start.
It’s a combination of several patterns, Circles of the Sun, Dandelion Mandala, Sophie’s Garden, Dandelion Border, Sophie’s Roses, Large Dandelion Border and Dancing Dandelions that come together to create a beautiful highbred.
I made a visit to my favourite on-line wool supplier, The Wool Warehouse   and within a couple of days it arrived and I was ready to start.

The pattern suggests that you start with the Circles of the Sun Squares,
to get used to the way the pattern is written and the overlay stitches that are used throughout, but as I had just recently finished the Stardust Melodies Cal, which also uses overlay crochet, I decided to jump right in and start with the Dandelion Mandala first. 
Just out of curiosity I thought I would keep a note of the time it takes to make this throw, and after my first  12 hours  and 10 minutes, I had the mandala finished.
The next step is to square it off , combining the patterns from Sophie's Garden and the Dandelion Border.

Happy Crafting!

Whatever your passion may be.